Marvin Miller

Marvin MillerMarvin is a precocious, chubby, red-headed two-year-old who considers himself to be the center of the universe…and the boss of his family.

Jeff Miller

Jeff  MillerMarvin’s challenged parents are in a never-ending battle for truth, justice and the dream of one day getting their son potty-trained.

Jenny Miller

Jenny Miller Marvin’s parents remember (vaguely) when they had free time. That was, of course, before Marvin came into their lives. But while the Millers realize that caring for a baby, especially one like Marvin, is more than a full-time job, they are thrilled to be parents.

Roy and Bea

Roy and Bea Marvin’s doting grandparents who live with him. Roy works part-time delivering pizzas, while Bea works full-time spoiling Marvin with her homemade chocolate-chip cookies.


BitsyThe family mutt who “tolerates” Marvin and considers him to be his intellectual inferior.


JuniorGrandma and Grandpa’s plant-chewing, trash-dumping, mail-carrier-chasing, angry little Schnauzer.